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Company Operating Values

Starpoint valuesIn moving from an unstructured entrepreneurial business to an agile, disciplined and professionally managed company Starpoint has collectively adopted a set of operating values which guide our company’s behaviors and business relationships.

At Starpoint, we understand that having highly skilled and expierienced professionals is a must and we believe that taking those two qualities coupled happy employees is second to none.  As a result, we have worked extremely hard to create a culture where laughter fills the halls and employees love working for the company. With happy employees comes happy doctors and both combine to make happy patients.  The company celebrates its employees regularly with the following…

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We hold ourselves to:

Ethical Behavior

  • We are honest. We don’t lie, cheat or steal and we don’t tolerate anyone who does.
  • We make appropriate promises and we keep the promises we make.
  • We are as good as our word. We are fair and respectful in our treatment of others.
  • We act in a manner that is legally, socially and environmentally responsible.

Our actions result in valued long-term relationships with our partners, medical practitioner clients and their patients, and our employees.

Outstanding Client and Patient Service

  • We will understand our clients’ expectations on a continuous basis whether inside or outside the company. We will stay in continuous communication with them and where their expectations exceed our capabilities or performance, we will work with them until the two are the same.
  • We will always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and those of their patients.
  • We will always provide service that meets the highest standards of professionalism and responsiveness.

As a result of our actions, we will create long-term clients and patients who will actively refer us to others.

Valuing Employees

  • We promote a work environment that emphasizes open communication, an absence of ‘politics’, and encourages people to be positive and enthusiastic in all that they do.
  • We provide all employees with regular, timely, specific and useful performance feedback and ongoing support for professional development.
  • We promote from within the company whenever possible.

As a result, our employees are proud to be part of Starpoint Health, have a strong sense of loyalty to the company, maintain high standards of performance, and remain with our company for long periods of time. Our company strives to be designated one of the country’s “Best Companies To Work For”.

Results-Oriented Performance

  • We will all operate with a high level of personal or individual accountability.
  • We will use performance objectives and clear accountability for results at all levels in our company; department, team and individual.
  • Recognition, rewards and promotion will be based on excellence in performance.

As a result, we will regularly set and achieve challenging operational and financial goals leading to success as a company and appropriate rewards for all that contribute to our success.

Continuous Improvement and Development

  • As individuals, teams, and departments we will regularly review our performance and set goals for improvement.
  • We will regularly obtain feedback from our clients (whether inside or outside the company) and patients and act on that information to constantly improve the service and products we provide.
  • We will continuously review our internal work and management processes so that we are constantly improving our internal company operating effectiveness.

As a result we will continuously and measurably improve our performance as individuals, teams or departments, and as a company.